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Metro subway Barcelona

The logos of the two metro operators in Barcelona. Above “TMB” bottom “FGC”. Both can be found at the entrance of a metro station. (Image: Fototenes, CC BY-SA 2.0 license)

Since 1924, the Metro rolls through the underground of Barcelona. It was expanded piece by piece until today. Actual 12 lines with over 160 stations, cover a big area of the city. Since 2014, the subway network is operated by two separate companies. The “Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB)” and “Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC)” companies share the network. Therefore you can find two different logos at the entrance of the metro stations. At metro stations where the lines of the TMB and FGC are crossing, both logos are used.

The metro is very popular among locals and visitors. You can travel around in the city very fast and independently of road traffic and traffic jam. This is an unbeatable plus in the dense road traffic in Barcelona. Thanks to the integrated fare system under the roof of the ATM “Autoritat del Transport Metropolità” (ATM), it makes little difference with which operator you are traveling.

Metro Barcelona: Network map & lines

Currently (2016), the network of the Barcelona metro consists twelve lines, operated by 2 companies. There are plans to expand the network continuously. The lines do not have their own names. They are numbered from L1 to L12. Each line is also assigned a colour.

Download: Network map of Metro Barcelona (state 2017, * .pdf)

A free paper version of the metro network is available at every ticket counter.

List of current Metro lines (2018)

metro lines

Accessibility for wheelchairs

wheelchair handicapedBecause the metro has been in operation since 1924, unfortunately not all stations are completely barrier-free or step-free. It is constantly improved, but the retrofit installation of elevators is extremely expensive, especially in the old stations.
At the moment (2018), 15 of the almost 160 metro stations are not completely barrier-free and can’t be used without restrictions for wheelchair users or parents with pushchairs.
Barcelona Metro stations, which are not fully accessible:
Line L1: Clot, Plaça de Sants, Espanya, Urquinaona Line L1: Clot, Plaça de Sants, Espanya, Urquinaona
Line L3: Espanya, Vallcarca Line L3: Espanya, Vallcarca
Line L4: Maragall, Verdaguer, Urquinaona, Jaume I, Ciutadella-Vila
Line L5: Plaça de Sants, Virrei Amat, Maragall, Verdaguer

The metro company TMB recommends wheelchair users to use the second door in the first car of the subway train. This is how you are best seen by the driver.

Tips for using the Metro in Barcelona

To enter and leave the station, you have to pass automated fare gates. Touch your ticket on the validation devices at the start and again at the end of your journey to ensure the validity of your pass or the correct fare is paid.
Make sure you use the correct validation device (right side) of the turnstile. Don’t forget to pull the card out again.

Operating time of the metro (subway) Barcelona:

-Monday to Friday: 5.00 am – midnight.
– Fridays and evenings before a public holiday: 5.00 am until 2.00 am
– Saturday night: no interruptions
– Sunday night: until midnight

Ticket for the Metro Barcelona – overview, current prices (2018)

The entire fare system of the Barcelona public transport is city-wide organized by the “Autoritat del Transport Metropolità”.
Whether single ticket, 10 journey ticket (T-10) or travel card “Hola BCN”, here you will find information and current prices. So you can find easily the right ticket for your stay in Barcelona. Knowing in advance, which ticket fits best to your needs, saves a lot of holiday time and money.

Our tip in brief:
– if you don’t like to read details about the fare systems and the Barcelona public transport network –


hola bcn ticketFor most visitors of the city the “Hola BCN” day ticket is the best choice.

With this card, you can use unlimited the metro, bus, tram and suburban trains (Rodalies, Zone 1) during the entire validity period (2, 3, 4 or 5 days). The metro ride to and from the airport is also included. You don’t have to buy the “metro airport ticket” (9.20 euros – round trip).

The HolaBCN ticket is, compared to other big European cities, very cheap.
The actual price (2018) is, depending on the chosen validity period, between 7 and 7.50 euro per day.


Save time and stress, by buying the „Hola BCN“ travel card online before departure – without any extra charge –


insider tip

Here you can buy the „Hola BCN!“card online – without any extra charge –

This is not possible for single tickets, 10 journey ticket “T-10” or “T-Dia”.

Your benefits of online purchasing:

– You will not waste your holiday time in queues in front of the ticket vending machines.

– After a long flight, you don’t have to deal with fare systems and ticket vending machines. You have already the right ticket to take the metro from the airport to downtown Barcelona and back.


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