Travel cards + tickets for the public transport in Barcelona

Overview and current prices (2018)

The entire public transport in Barcelona is organized in one fare system of the “Autoritat del Transport Metropolità” (ATM). This makes it much easier for passengers.

Whether single ticket, 10 jouney tickets (T-10) or travel card “Hola BCN” – here you will find current pricing & information. This will help you, to find the right ticket for your stay in Barcelona in a quick and easy way.

With our tips on finding & buying the right ticket for your purposes, you save time & money during your Barcelona trip.

1) Single Ticket

single ticket If you want to use the public transport occasionally

The classic single ticket is the right ticket for you, if you want to use the public transport rarely. With the single ticket you can e.g. take a ride on a TMB city bus or use the metro. The current price (2018) for the single ticket is EUR 2.20. You can buy it at the ticket vending machines.

attentionSpecific regulations of the single ticket in Barcelona:

– A single ticket entitles you NOT to ride on the Metro from/to the airport. For this ride you need an extra ticket “airport ticket” which cost 4.60 euros (one way) or 9.20 euros (round trip). Therefore, a lot of visitors buy the cheap day ticket “Hola BCN” (details see below). This ticket includes metro service between the city center and the airport. In addition, it offers unlimited travel in all Barcelona’s public transport services for the period of validity (2-5 days).

– Bus, metro and tram have different single tickets, which might be invalid in the other transport system. With the 10-tickets “T-10” or the travel card “Hola BCN” you can easily bypass this problem.


2) Travel card “Hola BCN” for 2-5 days: cheap & easy to use

Unlimted journeys on bus, metro, tram, commuter train + metro ride to / from airport

Hola BCN! ticket

The travel card “Hola BCN” is very popular among visitors of the city, because it’s simple and comfortable to use. You don’t have to deal with the fare and ticketing systems of the 5 transport companies in Barcelona.

The “Hola BCN” card offers you unlimited journeys using the metro (subway), city buses (TMB), tram, regional railway (Rodalies de Catalunya, Zone 1), urban railway (FGC, zone 1) and the funicular railway (Funicular de Montjuïc).
– unlimited rides with just one single ticket for 2,3,4 or 5 consecutive days

It’s issued directly by TMB, the operator of the city buses and the metro Barcelona.

“Hola BCN” card includes metro service travel between city center and the airport

Since february 2016, the Barcelona “El Prat” airport is connected to the metro network. With the “Hola BCN” travel card you can also do the airport transfer without any extra charge or additional ticket. So you don’t have to pay the 9.20 euros for the extra metro airport ticket (round trip).
Attention: regular “single tickets” or 10-tickets “T-10” are not valid for this ride!

Fares and prices of the “Hola BCN“ travel card (2018)

2 days: 15.00 euros
3 days: 22.00 euros
4 days: 28.50 euros
5 days: 35.00 euros

You can buy the „Hola BCN“ card before departure via this website without any extra charge. This may save time and stress.

Buying the “Hola BCN“ card – is it worth it?

If you buy a „Hola BCN“ travel card with a validity of 5 days you pay in effect EUR 7 per day for it.
For this little money the card offers you unlimited travel on the public transport in Barcelona.
It’s hard to find another major city in Europe, which offers a day ticket for this price. And the card even includes the metro airport line – so you save the 9 euros for the extra „airport ticket“.
By the way you don’t have to deal with the complicated fare system or queues in front of the ticket vending machines.


Save yourself  time and stress, by buying the “Hola BCN“ travel card online – without any extra charge

insider tip

Here you can buy the “Hola BCN” card online – without any extra charge –

This is not possible for single tickets, 10 journey ticket “T-10” or “T-Dia”.

Your benefits of online purchasing:

– You will not waste your holiday time in queues in front of the ticket vending machines.

– After a long flight, you don’t have to deal with fare systems and ticket vending machines. You have already the right ticket to take the metro from the airport to downtown Barcelona and back.


“Hola BCN!” Card – FAQ

If I buy a 3 day pass does it cover a full 72 hours from when I buy it?
You can start using your Hola BCN! card at any time of day and get all the advantages of unlimited travel over 48 (2 day card), 72 (3 day card), 96 (4 day card) or 120 hours (5 day card) as of the first use (validation).

Is there a child price or is it just a flat one price for all?
Children under four are not required to have a ticket. They travel free. Older children need a standard Hola BCN! card.


3) Barcelona Card: free travel on public transport + discount card for sightseeing

Ideal ticket for visitors, who want to discover the attractions of the city

Barcelona Card 2017With the “Barcelona Card” you can discover many of Barcelona’s cultural and leisure activities free or at a reduced price. It is a combination of a day ticket for local transport plus a discount card for entrance fees.
You can travel on public transport unlimited and free (even the metro line to and from the airport). You can save money with more than 80 discounts and time with skip the line entry at some attractions.

The Barcelona Card is issued by the official tourist office of the City of Barcelona and offers more than 85 advantages:

  • Free or reduced admission for museums, aquarium, zoo…
  • Skip the line entry for some attractions
  • Free or reduced admission for events or tours (with guide) through the city
  • Unlimited and free travel on public transport: city bus, metro (also airport route), tram, Renfe – trains (suburban train, zone 1), FGC-Bahn (suburban train, zone 1) – comparable to the “Hola BCN Card” see above
  • For kids, aged 4 to 12, there’s the Barcelona Card Kids, which gives you all the advantages of the Barcelona Card for a significantly reduced price.

Buying the “Barcelona Card “ card – is it worth it?

Since the Barcelona Card contains numerous advantages for sightseeing & more, it is of course more expensive than the pure public transport card “Hola BCN”. But if you plan to visit some of the sights, the “Barcleona Card” can save time and money.

The “Barcelona Card” is available for for 72h, 96h or 120h (3, 4 or 5 consecutive days)

Prices for the Barcelona Card (2018):

3 days: 45 euros / 21 euros  (adults / kids)
4 days: 55 euros / 27 euros  (adults / kids)
5 days: 60 euros / 32 euros  (adults / kids)

Save yourself  time and stress, by buying the “Barcelona Card“ online – without extra any extra charge

insider tip

Here you can buy the “Barcelona Card” online before departure – without any extra charge . On this page you will also find more information about the discounts.

After a long flight, you don’t have to deal with fare systems and ticket vending machines. You have already the right ticket to take the metro from the airport to downtown Barcelona and back.

4) 10 journey ticket „ATM T-10“

Cheaper than a single ticket – airport transfer is not possible

atm10_10journeyThe T-10 card is valid for 10 journeys from 1 to 6 zones by metro, tram, suburban train (Rodalies) or bus. The 10-card “T-10” is suitable for you, if you have a longer stay in Barcelona with a rare use of the puclic transport. The trips can also be carried out by different persons. A ride with this ticket is cheaper than by a “single ticket”. The ticket “ATM T-10” currently costs (2018):
– for one zone 10.20 euros - for 2 zones 20.10 euros - for 3 zones 27.40 euros - for 4 zones 35.25 euros - for 5 zones 40.50 euros - for 6 zones 43.05 euros
It is available at the ticket vending machines and can’t be purchased online.

Specific regulations of the ATM T-10 ticket:

– The 10-ticket “ATM T-10” does not include the metro ride to or from the airport. An extra ticket (airport ticket – EUR 4.60 oneway) is necessary.
That is why many visitors buy the favourable day ticket “Hola BCN” (see above). This allows you to travel from and to the airport and use the Barcelona public transport for the chosen validity period (2-5 days).

– With a “ATM T-10” 1-zone ticket you have 75 minutes between the first and last validation when changing lines or mode of transport.

Overview: tickets & prices (2018)

Barcelona pubilc Transport ticket prices 2018


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27 Responses

  1. Walter Chan says:

    If I bought the 3 or 4 days pass on line:
    1) can I pay with a Euro credit card by a French bank;
    2) where do I pick up the card on arrival in Barcelona.

    • says:

      Dear Walter,

      thank you for your post. If you decide to book online a “Hola BCN!” card, you don’t book it via our website. We just show with our link, that you can book it at, Europe’s leading company for booking tourist guides, tours and tickets. So you have the standards and service of a big company. Nevertheless we want to answer your question.
      1) Yes, you can pay by credit card or PayPal.
      2) After booking, you receive a voucher via email. Your voucher must be printed and exchanged at the Barcelona Tourism Office located at Plaça Catalunya, 17 or at any other tourist information point. There are also tourist information points at the Barcelona ElPrat Airport (terminals 1 and 2). So you can easy get yout ticket and use the metro, to get e.g. to the city center.

  2. Julia Barber says:

    Hello, we travel to Barcelona on the 4/1/17 and our party is 2 adults and a child. Is there a child price or is it just a flat one price for all? We would want the Hola BCN 4

    • says:

      Hello Julia,
      thank your for your question. Here the official terms of use of tickets :”Children under four are not required to have a ticket. All other passengers must have a valid, suitable and validated ticket.” There is no special HolaBCN! ticket for children older than 4 years. That means:
      If your child is under four you don’t need a ticket, if your child is 4 years and older you need a standard HolaBCN! ticket.

  3. Bia says:

    Hi!With the Hola BCN card can I take the metro from and towards the airport?Or I can take the metro just one time from the airport?Thank you!

    • says:

      Dear Bia,
      If your HolaBCN! Card is still valid, you can use it to travel from AND to the airport.

  4. Jarek says:

    Hi, Could you be so kind and let me know, if Hola BCN is valid for all metro lines and stations marked on this map?:
    For example, if I want to go from Barcelona to Badalona by metro, is the Hola BCN valid for all these zones? Or I need to buy additional tickets for the zones outside Barcelona? Thank you in advance for your information.

    • says:

      Dear Darek,
      the HolaBCN! card, allows you make as many journeys as you like in the whole metro network.

  5. Kanthabhabha says:

    Hello Let me know any discount is available for the entrance at attraction tourist spots by buying HolaBCN card

    • says:


      The HolaBCN! card offers no discounts to museums or attractions. It is a ticket for public transport.

      But there are two City Passes, that offer free public transport, free admission to various museums and attractions and skip-the-line admission:

      Barcelona City Pass: Free public transport, free entrance to Gaudi’s masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia (Skip the line admission), free city tour, free harbor cruise, free admission to museums and attractions, and special discounts on sightseeing, shopping, eating, and drinking.

      Barcelona Card: Cheaper and minor offers than the Barcelona City Pass

      The links provide more information

  6. Naveen says:

    Hello. Can we use one HolaBCN CARD FOR 2 adults, as we will be only staying for 2 days ?

    • says:

      Dear Naveen,
      the Hola BCN! card is a non-transferable travel card. One card can only be used by one person.

      Have a nice stay

  7. David says:


    If i buy the hola bcn! Card online can i exhange the voucher in the AirPort? So we can use already from AirPort to centre of Barcelona? Many thanx

    • says:

      Dear David,

      Your voucher must be printed and exchanged at one of the 17 Barcelona Tourism Offices or other tourist information points. There are two at Barcelona airport (terminals 1 and 2). You can exchange your voucher direct at the BCN Airport and use the Metro from Airport to City Center with your HolaBCN Card. So you save the money for the standard Metro Airport Ticket (4.50 Euro one way).

  8. Chriss says:

    If we arrive at Barcelona Sants rail station, can we exchange the voucher at the train station to ride the bus or metro into the city?

    • says:


      there is a “Turisme de Barcelona tourist information point” direct at Barcelona Sants railway station. There you can exchange your voucher. Than you can use the Metro, city bus…
      Opening Times : daily, from 8am to 8pm.

  9. Robin Urquhart says:

    If I buy a 3 day pass does it cover a full 72 hours from when I buy it… or in other words…. if I buy it at 21.30 on Wednesday does it run out at 21.30 on Saturday?

    • says:

      Hello Robin,

      you can start using your Hola BCN! card at any time of day and get all the advantages of unlimited travel over 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours as of the first validation.

  10. Vania says:


    Is the hop on hop off included in the HOLA BCN ticket ??


    • says:

      Hello Vania,

      thanks for your question. Hola BCN is a travel card for public transport (city bus, metro, commuter rail…).
      Private buses as “Hop on hop off buses” or aerobus is not included.

      Here you can find actual prices and information about hop on hop off bus tours in Barcelona. You can book these tours before departure without any extra charge. This may save time and stress.

      Hop on Hop off in Barcelona

      Have a nice trip

  11. Brendan Swords says:

    If I buy a 2 day HolaBCN ticket and activate it on 14/11/2017 at 10.00 does the 2 day period stop on 16/11/2017 at 09.59 or does it stop at midnight on 15/11/2017?

    • says:

      Hello Brendan,

      a 48h HolaBCN ticket is valid for 48h after first validation. In your case from 14/11/2017 10.00 to 16/11/2017 09.59.

      Enjoy your trip.

  12. Cassey says:

    Thinking of purchasing the Hola BCN for 4 days for the F1 in May 2018, but am I correct in thinking that it will actually run out on the 4th day – which for us would be the Sunday at 2pm as we arriving on the prior Thursday around 2pm?

    • says:

      Hello Cassey,

      you can start using your Hola BCN! card at any time of day and get all the advantages of unlimited travel over 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours as of the first validation.

      If you buy a 4 day (96 hour card) on Thursday 2pm, it runs out following Monday 1.59pm, not Sunday as you wrote.

      Have a nice trip

  13. Emily says:

    Hi, thinking of purchasing the Hola bcn card for 9 of us for hen do in June. We will arrive on the Friday at approx 12:15, and we fly home on the Monday at approx 13:00, would we need the 3 or 4 day card to cover us for the whole trip?
    Thanks in advance!

    • says:

      Hi Emily,

      your aircraft lands at 12.15? Due to waiting times, e.g. at the baggage claim, you will not enter the metro at Friday before 13.00.
      To depart Monday at 13:00, you must check in at the airport before 13:00. The 3 day Hola BCN! is valid for 72h as of the first validation. So from our point of view, the 3 day card is the right card for you.

      Enjoy your trip.

  14. Alkazri says:

    Very informative! Thanks Hola BCN! We’re flying to Barcelona today. 💝💟💞💕💓💗💖

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